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Classical Electromagnetism (2nd Ed)(gnv64)


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Classical Electromagnetism (2nd Ed)
by Jerrold Franklin
Dover Publications | October 2017 | ISBN-10: 0486813711 | ePUB | 14.5 mb

This text advances from the basic laws of electricity and magnetism to classical electromagnetism in a quantum world. Suitable for first-year graduate students in physics who have taken an undergraduate course in electromagnetism, it focuses on core concepts and related aspects of math and physics.
Progressing from the basic laws of electricity and magnetism and their unification by Maxwell and Einstein, the treatment culminates in a survey of the role of classical electromagnetism in a quantum world. Each stage of the theory is carefully developed in a clear and systematic approach that integrates mathematics and physics so that readers are introduced to the theory and learn the mathematical skills in context of real physics applications. Topics include methods of solution in electrostatics, Green's functions, electrostatics in matter, magnetism and ferromagnetism, electromagnetic waves in matter, special relativity, and the electrodynamics of moving bodies. Newly revised by author Jerrold Franklin, the book includes the new section Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems.

Preface to the second edition
Preface to the first edition
1 Foundations of Electrostatics
2 Further Development of Electrostatics
3 Methods of Solution in Electrostatics
4 Spherical and Cylindrical Coordinates
5 Green’s Functions
6 Electrostatics in Matter
7 Magnetostatics
8 Magnetization and Ferromagnetism
9 Time Varying Fields, Maxwell’s Equation
10 Electromagnetic Plane Waves
11 Electromagnetic Waves in Matter
12 Wave Guides and Cavities
13 Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering
14 Special Relativity
15 The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies
16 Classical EM in a Quantum World


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