Death Gate [GOG]

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Death Gate [GOG]
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Genre: Adventure - Puzzle - Fantasy
Works on: Windows (7, 8, 10)
Languages: English
Released: January 1, 1994
Size: 365 MB
Company: Legend Entertainment Company / Piko Interactive

Long ago after centuries of war, the sartan race smashed the world seal and sundered the earth into separate magical realms, each sealed from the other by the powerful Death Gate.

In isolation, magic was corrupted, knowledge lost and the common humanity that once bound the world was forgotten. The defeated Patryns, trapped in the nightmarish prison realm of the labyrinth, became twisted with hatred and plotted their revenge.

Born in this savage and unforgiving land, you escape and undertake a new quest - to find the pieces of the world seal, wreak revenge upon the sartan and deliver your people from the daily torment of their living hell.

An unforgettable experience!

A dragon ship piloted by magic... a deserted shinning city... mystical lands of elves, dwarves and dead sorcerers.

Now the dark fantasy realms of the bestselling Death Gate Cycle are yours to explore in this beautiful and thrilling adventure.








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