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CourseDevil [Read me].txt   0.1 KB

02-What you should   1.1 KB   1.6 KB

05-WooCommerce specific   1.9 KB

04-Starter   1.9 KB

17-Add social media   2.7 KB

10-Hooks and   3.3 KB

06-Declare WooCommerce   3.4 KB

15-Resize image column   3.5 KB

18-Change the breadcrumb   3.7 KB

08-Match email template and theme   3.8 KB

14-Change image   3.9 KB

13-Use WooCommerce   4.6 KB

09-Match email and theme colors with   5.1 KB

12-Update WooCommerce   5.3 KB

11-Override WooCommerce   5.9 KB

03-What to look for in a   6.4 KB

07-Match theme   7.1 KB

16-Customize product data   7.3 KB

02-What you should know.mp4   893.8 KB

10-Hooks and templates.mp4   2.1 MB

04-Starter themes.mp4   2.2 MB

05-WooCommerce specific themes.mp4   2.6 MB

06-Declare WooCommerce support.mp4   4.2 MB

08-Match email template and theme colors.mp4   5.3 MB

17-Add social media icons.mp4   5.5 MB

03-What to look for in a theme.mp4   5.6 MB

18-Change the breadcrumb separator.mp4   5.7 MB

15-Resize image column width.mp4   6.6 MB

09-Match email and theme colors with CSS.mp4   6.7 MB

14-Change image sizes.mp4   7.1 MB

12-Update WooCommerce templates.mp4   7.1 MB

13-Use WooCommerce hooks.mp4   7.3 MB

16-Customize product data tabs.mp4   10.5 MB

11-Override WooCommerce templates.mp4   11.1 MB

07-Match theme colors.mp4   12.8 MB

01-Welcome.mp4   17.8 MB

32-Next   2.4 KB

26-Skip the   2.5 KB

31-When to A_B   2.6 KB

21-Display accepted credit   2.9 KB

19-Update the currency   4.2 KB

28-Hide the coupon   6.2 KB

20-Filter   6.3 KB

25-Streamline the checkout   6.5 KB

29-Remove checkout   6.5 KB

27-Add an Empty Cart   7.1 KB

30-Add checkout   7.6 KB

23-Display customer   7.7 KB

22-Change product   8.9 KB

24-Customize the sorting   11.5 KB

31-When to A_B test.mp4   1.9 MB

32-Next steps.mp4   3.8 MB

26-Skip the cart.mp4   4.1 MB

21-Display accepted credit cards.mp4   5.4 MB

19-Update the currency symbol.mp4   6.8 MB

28-Hide the coupon field.mp4   9.1 MB

25-Streamline the checkout template.mp4   10.2 MB

29-Remove checkout fields.mp4   10.8 MB

23-Display customer savings.mp4   11.0 MB

20-Filter products.mp4   12.2 MB

27-Add an Empty Cart button.mp4   13.5 MB

30-Add checkout fields.mp4   13.8 MB

22-Change product display.mp4   16.6 MB

24-Customize the sorting menu.mp4   21.8 MB

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WooCommerce is one of the most popular and trusted eCommerce solutions around. Not just for WordPress but

also for anyone who wants to set up a store. Making your theme match the rest of your WooCommerce website

can help you create a more professional and trustworthy shopping experience and extend your brand online.

This course covers the fundamentals of building custom WooCommerce themes. Learn about using WooCommerce

hooks, template overrides, PHP and CSS to style the different store pages, and add custom imagery and icons to fit your

branding. Author Patrick Rauland also introduces UX design techniques that encourage customers to buy, such as

highlighting savings and adding social media icons for sharing.

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