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TTC - The Psychology of Performance


Posted on November 6, 2017 in Misc » Others , verified torrent

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audio/06. Acceptance And The Willingness To Feel.mp323.08 MiB
audio/04. The Benefits Of Mindfulness In Performance.mp322.92 MiB
audio/14. Performance Anxiety And Choking.mp322.78 MiB
audio/24. Aging Athletes Competing And Retiring.mp322.75 MiB
audio/13. Peak Performance Getting In The Zone.mp322.47 MiB
audio/17. Burnout And The Need For Recovery.mp322.2 MiB
audio/19. The Dangerous Pursuit Of The Ideal Body.mp321.76 MiB
audio/15. Being The Perfect Perfectionist.mp321.72 MiB
audio/01. Sport And Performance Psychology.mp321.67 MiB
audio/16. Self-compassion For Self-improvement.mp321.59 MiB
audio/21. Four Qualities Of A Successful Team.mp321.22 MiB
audio/22. Talent A Developmental Process.mp320.86 MiB
audio/18. Pain Tolerance And Injury Rehabilitation.mp320.86 MiB
audio/20. Fan Psychology, Identification, And Violence.mp320.85 MiB
audio/02. Deliberate Practice Essential For Experts.mp320.75 MiB
audio/09. Using Imagery To Prepare For Action.mp320.64 MiB
audio/10. Confidence And Self-talk.mp320.62 MiB
audio/23. How To Be A Great Sport Parent.mp320.54 MiB
audio/07. Commitment Means - no Matter What.mp320.4 MiB
audio/11. Developing Focused Attention.mp320.21 MiB
audio/12. Superstitions, Rituals, And Routines.mp320.19 MiB
audio/05. When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work.mp319.91 MiB
audio/08. Finding Internal Motivation.mp319.36 MiB
audio/03. How Values And Goals Drive Performance.mp318.46 MiB
13. Peak Performance Getting In The Zone.m4v193.12 MiB
06. Acceptance And The Willingness To Feel.m4v186.4 MiB
17. Burnout And The Need For Recovery.m4v183.67 MiB
24. Aging Athletes Competing And Retiring.m4v182.11 MiB
14. Performance Anxiety And Choking.m4v180.05 MiB
01. Sport And Performance Psychology.m4v179.8 MiB
04. The Benefits Of Mindfulness In Performance.m4v175.79 MiB
09. Using Imagery To Prepare For Action.m4v174.47 MiB
12. Superstitions, Rituals, And Routines.m4v172.81 MiB
19. The Dangerous Pursuit Of The Ideal Body.m4v170.69 MiB
20. Fan Psychology, Identification, And Violence.m4v170.63 MiB
23. How To Be A Great Sport Parent.m4v169.04 MiB
02. Deliberate Practice Essential For Experts.m4v166.34 MiB
15. Being The Perfect Perfectionist.m4v166.14 MiB
16. Self-compassion For Self-improvement.m4v165.73 MiB
10. Confidence And Self-talk.m4v163.9 MiB
05. When Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work.m4v163.38 MiB
21. Four Qualities Of A Successful Team.m4v160.52 MiB
11. Developing Focused Attention.m4v160.16 MiB
03. How Values And Goals Drive Performance.m4v160.03 MiB
22. Talent A Developmental Process.m4v155.27 MiB
18. Pain Tolerance And Injury Rehabilitation.m4v148.23 MiB
07. Commitment Means - no Matter What.m4v146.96 MiB
08. Finding Internal Motivation.m4v142.85 MiB
1699 Psychology of Performance.pdf7.57 MiB

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TTC Video - The Psychology of Performance - How to Be Your Best in Life

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