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Unity Asset - Amplify Shader 1.20
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Amplify Shader Editor Version 1.20 (Aug 03, 2017)

* New Features:
* Added support for Custom Subshader Tags on Output Node properties
* Added new Enable Instancing toggle into Rendering Options to be able to activate instancing without having to use Property nodes
* Added new nodes:
* 'World Transform Params'
* 'Vertex Bitangent'
* 'Vertex Tangent Sign'
* 'Keyword Switch'
* 'Standard Surface Light' node ( exclusive to Custom Lighting Light Model )
* 'GlobalArray' ( Community Node submitted by Vincent van Brummen and created by Johann van Berkel )

* New Samples:
* Double Layer Custom Surface

* Fixes:
* Fixed issue with 'Grab Screen Color', 'Get Local Var' and 'Texture Sample' nodes loosing references inside Shader Functions
* Fixed issue on not correctly registering all Grab Passes from multiple 'Grab Screen Color' nodes
* Fixed small issue on 'Commentary' node not being able to focus on comment text field when created
* Fixed issue on 'Pi' node
* Fixed issue on 'Texture Coordinates' node not generating unique names when used on vertex body
* Fixed issue with incorrectly counting amount of 'Virtual Texture Object' nodes on graphs
* Fixed issue on 'Texture Array' drawers
* Fixed issue on 'Remap' node preview preventing division by zero
* Fixed issue on 'Texture Coordinates' node generating wrong dummies on UV Sets different than 1
* Fixed issue on 'Register Local Var' node usage with shader functions
* Fixed issue with pasting nodes not refreshing external references from original ones
* Fixed issue with generating helper local variable ids on several nodes which may lead to issues on shader functions
* Fixed issue on 'Depth Fade' node
* Fixed issue with not registering sampler dummies correctly when using 'Texture Coordinates' node with Tessellation
* Fixed issue on multi-tabs with breaking all tabs except the focused one when dragging wires
* Fixed incorrect order of instruction write on 'Texture Coordinates' node
* Fixed issue with having 'Custom Expression' nodes with similar port names
* Fixed issue with deprecated nodes warning message throwing an exception on recent Unity versions
* Fixed 'Texel Size' node issues on Shader Functions
* Fixed incorrect behavior on creating connections through Alt + Shift
* Fixed out of bounds exception caused by removing ports on shader functions
* Fixed issue with 'Triplanar Sampler' node not deleting correctly in some occasions
* Fixed ordering issues with Stencil Buffer example
* Fixed issue with creating legacy code for LOD Cross Fade on Unity v.2017 and above
* Fixed issue on 'Lerp' node not adjusting correctly when disconnecting input ports
* Fixing issue with node drag with snap
* Now done by having both Ctrl+Shift pressed
* Fixed issue with reading incorrect legacy port info into 'Lerp' node
* Fixed issue on cycling through deleted nodes when using the Nodes Search Bar
* Fixed issue with incorrectly moving nodes nested into multiple 'Commentary' nodes
* Fixed issue on Undo not registering internal node movement on 'Commentary' nodes
* Fixed issue when using 'Virtual Texture Object' node on Vertex ports
* Fixed issue with incorrectly moving selected nodes while resizing side menus
* Fixed issue on generating UI exception when sometimes iterating between Search Node Bar results
* Fixed issue on Output node size increasing infinitely with shader name
* Fixed issue on incorrect serialization on 'Texture Sampler' node

* Improvements:
* 'Vertex TexCoord' and 'Swizzle' node types can be selected from node body
* 'Texture Array' node:
* Now work with shader functions
* Added derivative option to 'Texture Array' node
* Minor tweak on tooltip text
* Setting Enable Instancing option default value to false
* Adding Exact Conversion option into 'Gamma To Linear' and 'Linear To Gamma' nodes for more accurate results
* Added previews to nodes:
*'World Space Camera Pos'
*'Object Space Light Dir'
*'World Space Light Dir'
*'Light Color'
*'Object To World'
*'World To Object'
* Time
* Object Scale
* Able to specify an HDR color on 'Color' node if the HDR attribute is set
* Improved how vertex data is being generated to prevent future issues
* Small improvements on canvas zoom behavior
* Improved 'Lerp' and 'Clamp' nodes behavior
* Added new improved dynamic 'Append' node which adapts to inputs and deprecated the old one
* Billboards can now ignore object original rotation via its new Ignore Rotation toggle
* New Soft Light option was added to 'Blend Operations' node
* Overall improvements on nodes descriptions
* 'Blend Operations' node now automatically adapts to input ports
* Improving Search Bar focus behavior
* 'Simple Contrast' node now always store its result on a local variable
* Greatly improved 'Commentary' node:
* You now can use box selection inside the node body
* You now can create Wire nodes by double clicking on a wire inside the node body
* You now select and drag the node via its header or by pressing anywhere on the node body having the Alt key down
* You now need to double click the node header to be able to modify its comment directly from there
* Texture Object type nodes no longer auto-set the 'Texture Sampler' Normal Map option
* Normal Map option was renamed to Unpack Normal Map
* A warning is shown if a Texture Object marked as normal map is connected to a 'Texture Sampler' node with the Unpack Normal Map options turned off


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